Chenille is a fabric made with fringed silken thread used in combination with wool or cotton and sewn in tight loops to give a 3-D effect.

All chenille patches are made with acrylic yarn backed by either one or two layers of scrim felt. All patches are machine was only.


The chenille part of the letter is the actual yarn in the letter.


The trim or "chain stitch" is the actual stitch that borders the letter. 95% of letters will have the same color trim as the chenille, but in some cases, the trim can be a different color in order to show a contrast.


The first layer is the piece of scrim felt that is directly sewn to the actual chenille. When looking at a letter with two layers of felt, it would be considered the first or innermost border.

In many cases, this can be the same color as the chenille to give it a fuller look.


The second layer of scrim felt is the bottom most piece of felt that would be considered the outermost border.


1 layer of felt 2 layer of felt

* Base Price includes up to 10 Letters. Anything larger than that, please contact us.

* -3x2” refers to the height of the capital lettes(3”) and the height of the lowercase letters(2”). This is the most common size for the back of a jacket and is usually 12-14” wide.

*-2x1” refers to the height of capital letters(2”) and the height of the lowercase letters(1”). This is the most common size for the chest of a jacket.

* Because every jacket is different, we are able to customize the total width of the design specific to your needs. Width ranges from 6”-14”

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